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Channel Manager and Booking Engine

RoomCloud is a Channel manager and Booking Engine for hotels and apartments.

The Channel Manager is connected with more than 400 Online portals an 200 PMS.

The Booking Engine is Official Partner for the campaigns on the main Metasearch (Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, Trivago, Pilgo).

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Health Information System

TECMED is the Tecnes Milano product dedicated to the management of health information services. Based on j2EE technology, TECMED supports in an integrated way operational functions ranging from hospitalization to outpatient clinics and analysis laboratories.

TECMED bases the management of information on the definition of the patient as the center of the process and of contact as an atomic element of the clinical history.

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About Us

Tecnes Milano is operating since 1985 in the field of Information Technology.

Provides consultancy services to many multinational companies in the following areas:

  • services
  • health
  • energy
  • banks

The areas of expertise of the company are services system support on network infrastructure and activities system integration through the use of technologies based on Java.

The company, whose legal and administrative headquarters is located in Milan, operates throughout the country with approximately 50 employees.

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via Piranesi, 26, 20137 Milano MI

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